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Not telling anyone this time..

Posted by Chicklet23389 in Chicklet23389's Blog, 17 September 2014 · 170 views

I have always been really open about our journey with TTC. Going into this FET, we are not telling anyone (ok, except anyone reading this.. And my Mom)
Our friends are very, very supportive but I hate the "did it work?" "are you feeling ok with all those drugs?" "When is the transfer?"
I love them all dearly, I really do!

I want to just have privacy t...


My Place to Let it out

Posted by Ljo in Ljo's Blog, 13 September 2014 · 234 views

I'm going to vent....again. Seems like that's all I do on here lately! Trust me, I'm not a miserable person all of the time. I promise. This is just the place I can come and let out all of the negative emotions I have that I keep to myself in my everyday life.
A "good" friend of mine that I've known for 20+ years asked this week if my husband and I...


Been a while

Posted by Nurse08 in The Love of a Sister, 13 September 2014 · 256 views

I think the last update was at our NT scan. So nothing really to report. GS has been feeling movement. We are 16 weeks tomorrow !! We have spilled the beans and everyone knows and it's even "Facebook" official. We have had a abundance of love and support from everyone which is amazing. Some know or history and others don't. I think they wanna be nosey and...


IVF Here We Come!

Posted by IVFandBeyond in IVFandBeyond's Blog, 06 September 2014 · 306 views
iVfJourney, ivf, endometriosis and 7 more...

IVF Here We Come! I don't know about you, but at no point in my life did I ever imagine I would be creating my very own test-tube baby(s). Like most girls in this world, I dreamt of marrying my Prince Charming, building our home, and birthing our beautiful babies. My life was on track. I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees while working full-time. At 33, I was working...


A little smile

Posted by galfromaway in galfromaway's Blog, 05 September 2014 · 247 views

Hope folks will appreciate this one.


new donor ontario

Posted by jessica777 in jessica777's Blog, 04 September 2014 · 209 views
new donor

new donor ontario hi everyone, i am new to this site. but i have decided to become a donor,after having two wonderful children of my own (boy age 3)(girl age2). i am Caucasian 5.6 blonde hair/blue eyes. if i am any help to you please feel free to contact me jmenchion@hotmail.com i am from barrie ontario http://ivf.ca/forums...fault/smile.png


Consult appointment

Posted by Stellabella28 in First comes love, then comes marriage, the comes infertility., 02 September 2014 · 210 views

Well today was the day! Yay! My uterus and ovaries look healthy. Dhs boys look healthy. Did a pap (while on cd3, interesting lol) we got our reqs for bloodwork and went to the lab right after to do them! Dh is booking his repeat SA sometime this week and the clinic is hopefully booking me and hsg for within tbe next 7-9 days. Overall we are super happy an...


More Surprises!

Posted by amazing grace in amazing grace's Blog, 25 August 2014 · 503 views

For those of you who have been following my story, today I had my Sonohystrogram with my new clinic, New Life. I met with Dr. Lee since he performed the procedure. I have to say that he was absolutely calming, nurturing pleasant and so caring. I met with him after the procedure to discuss findings. So as all of you know, I have been enduring two and a...


How did I ever get here?

Posted by Hoping4_1 in So were the days of OUR lives..., 18 August 2014 · 661 views

As I look back on my journey I'll never forget when I first joined here. I was looking through some signatures and was showing my DH how some women here have gone through so many treatments. Shortly after that I got pregnant with twins on my first IVF. Never did I think I'd end up with my signature.
Now my signature is long, 2 IVF's and going...


WTH..Antibiotics again. Third time within a month. Any advices how to improve immune system? Tired of being seek

Posted by natti in natti's Blog, 01 August 2014 · 280 views

WTH..Antibiotics again. Third time within a month. Any advices how to improve immune system? Tired of being seek


The official "End" ...

Posted by Vetter in Vetter's Blog, 01 August 2014 · 645 views

It's been quite a long time since I've written a blog post, especially here.  Why am I doing it?  I couldn't let this weekend go by without recognition of its importance. 
I've recognized all the milestones along this arduous infertility journey, and this one will be added too.  It is officially the end. 
As of Sunda...


An update from an oldie

Posted by KJ_mom in KJ_mom's Blog, 21 July 2014 · 493 views

I haven't been on this board since 2011 and while it looks like all the names have changed since I used to actively post here, I still thought I should come back and share my story.
Here is a link to my blog when DH and I stopped TTC in September 2011 which gives you the background on our reproductive history.  http://ivf.ca/forums/blog/5...


Desperate need for an egg donor!!

Posted by Nisha in Nisha's Blog, 12 July 2014 · 483 views

We are 39 year old East Indian couple looking for an egg donor. After three IVF and one IUI attempt the doctor has advised us that it’s not possible to conceive with my own eggs and will need a donor. If anyone out there can help please contact me at nish2075@yahoo.ca
Looking forward to hear from you!!


Dear God

Posted by gibasgirl in gibasgirl's Blog, 30 June 2014 · 506 views

Dear God Dear God,

If I can't have a baby, can I win the lottery instead?


Control Issues

Posted by quandry in Eggs in a basket and other worthless quotes, 20 June 2014 · 538 views
Loss, DE, adoption, Plans

As some of you know, DH and I had our most recent and devastating loss at almost 13 weeks at the end of March.  It wasn't too long or drawn out, but it did involve both Miso and a DNC a week later, as well as many weeks of bleeding, grief, and then the development of a new plan....
We've known for a while that the most likely culprit for our m...


Waiting Game and the start of IVF round #1

Posted by rascal77 in Rantings through the IVF process, 16 June 2014 · 374 views

After having the TESE done in December time seemed to stand still.  We were in the wonderful world of waiting....waiting to hear from Heartland when we would be able to start our first cycle.  We called periodically over the next couple of months to check on things and were told the same thing you can expect to be called to go in the May/June cy...


Embryo Transfer Day!

Posted by MeganSwanek in We Are All Made of Stars, 10 June 2014 · 682 views
ivf, embryotransfer

Embryo Transfer Day! Embryo Transfer Day!

I woke up excited and nervous yesterday because, after months of planning and waiting, it was finally transfer day ! But I was more nervous than anything. When we had the egg retrieval on Wednesday, there were seven eggs. Of those seven, only six fertilized. Of those six, only three were normal at our last upd...


Update- HCG Beta Test Level IU 36- inconclusive pregnancy?

Posted by JML in JML's Blog, 09 June 2014 · 632 views
HGC, Beta, IU

Hi Everyone, just a follow up to my post below.  We had great results this session and got a total of 12 eggs,  3 frozen and 2 transfered (3AA and 4AA) - way better than last time.
THis is my second attempt at IVF, and I just got my HCG Beta test down today.  I have a level of 36 and after 9 days of waiting and waiting all today to...


From: Hopeful for East Indian Egg Donor - New DonorConnect Listing

Posted by hope4best0328 in hope4best0328's Blog, 04 June 2014 · 263 views

Looking for East indian egg donor. please contact me hope4best0328@yahoo.ca
Source: Hopeful for East Indian Egg Donor - New DonorConnect Listing


It is over

Posted by Casey4 in Casey4's journey through IVF and Donor Eggs, 22 May 2014 · 743 views

The title says it all, result can back negative.  That sucks.  I held off testing, so I was prepared for the results to go either way.
I look back thinking there was nothing else I could have done.  I had a strong donor who had 4 previous positives.  I added intralipids, heparin, low dose aspirin, dexamethasone to the mix of dru...

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