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Best advice I gotten recently

Posted by sarbear8180 , 02 September 2012 · 608 views

I've been feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the whole infertility and now IVF it's a lot to process.  I find talking to my sister generally helpful but she gave me some really good advice that has taken a weight off my chest.We trust our doctor and the science behind IVF, it has a good chance of working for us.  I will do what I need to do by...


And now we begin

Posted by sarbear8180 , 01 September 2012 · 431 views

I cannot remember wanting something so much in my entire life.  This yearning deep in my soul and the emptiness left after years of trying with no results, not one positive test. Feeling like a complete failure as a woman and a wife.  Watching my friends and siblings getting pregnant and having babies so easily. This one thing that I cannot achieve, so fa...

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