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Feeling hopeless

Posted by Kcruz85 , 24 July 2012 · 1,026 views

Hi all..

Im feeling hopeless.. I been married for 5 years wishing and hoping for a baby.

My tubes are blocked, my only choice now is IVF :(, But its so expensive.. My husband and I are looking for every possibility
to get it done, I hope I see a light in this dark tunnel im going trough right now. *sigh

Jul 24 2012 08:35 PM
Welcome to the community. I am so sorry to hear of your feelings of hopelessness. It's a hard pill to take when you come to realize that IVF is basically you're only hope for growing your family. I remember when we reached that point and it terrified me because it felt so final. That if it didn't work, then that was it.

Hopefully you are able to find relief from the financial pressures of the process so that you can focus on yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually as it's a challenging ride to take.

Fortunately one IVF was not our final straw. Greatful for an encore performance and some, we did find our way to success after nearly 6 years of trying, 8 years of marriage and 15 years of being together.

Miracles can happen... and they can happen to you.

Best of luck on your journey.

nervus optimist
Jul 24 2012 09:04 PM
welcome (though sorry to hear you find yourself here).
know that there are options to help with the finances - some clinics do have applications for reduced expenses for families with limited income, some provinces will help with costs if both tubes are blocked, IVF and all infertility meds can be claimed as medical expenses on your income tax return, so you would still pay upfront but get a big cheque at tax time, some insurance companies will pay for some or all of the IVF meds, some clinics take meds back from people who don't need them so you could get some meds donated (though usually not much), and there are companies that will help finance your infertility treatments, basically put it on a payment plan (like if you were buying a sofa or something... ha!) hopefully one or more of these options will help to offset the costs for you a bit. I've also heard of some people choosing to go public with their struggles and doing fundraisers like carwashes and things. I'm way to private to do stuff like that, but just putting it out there.

best of luck on your journey
Welcome....I understand where your coming from, my tubes are destroyed also and don't function so IVF was my only option too....

ivf can be expensive, we rolled our treatment into our morgtage....smart? I don't know...but that was the best option for us...we have no regrets. My advice would be to talk with your banker and see financially where your at.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey
Thank-you every one for the wonderful support.

At one point I thought this was only happening to me, but I kow there are lots of women going trough the same thing.
DesignerBug: Thank you for the kind words, I do believe in Miracles, and I hope and pray that I will get a miracle.

nervus optmist: Thank you for the information I never knew you can claim it on your tax return good to know..I would love to do fundraisers but just like you I am very private,

jaan: Thank you for your advise, we are seeking for financial advise, hope all goes well. I will leave it in Gods hands.

Thank-you very very much it fees really good to know that there are ladies like yourselves that know or can understand what i am going trough.. Its not an easy situation.
Jul 27 2012 08:53 AM
One positive thing is that you have a clearly identifiable issue. Women with tubal issues generally have a high chance of success with IVF, so once you sort out the finances, you will most likely be on your way to motherhood. It might not work the very first time, but chances are good it will in the first couple of tries. I know it doesn't sound that encouraging, but it's far better than having to bite that financial bullet knowing you have low chances of it working. All the best!
Aug 13 2012 07:01 AM

I just stumbled upon your post. I'm not sure if this is true in BC, but in Ontario, if you have tubes that are both blocked, then you can get three full cycles of IVF covered by government health care! (OHIP) Is this true there? For my fresh cycle, all I had to pay for was parking. They don't cover FET here though. Anyway, I'm sure you've looked into this, but just thought I'd mention it.

Best of luck!

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