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This is getting so hard...

Posted by sb2010 , 19 July 2012 · 1,031 views

The embryologist just called and the news is not good. I'm trying really hard to stay positive, but it's getting so very hard.

This is our third IVF cycle (I never got to ET with the first because of OHSS). And the embryos never survived for a FET. Last summer we tried again, which ended in chemical pregnancy. This time we've only got 2 embryos in the running.

The common denominator is that every time my estrogen climbs. I'm always at risk of OHSS. Is this why there are so many immature eggs? Also, we have to use frozen sperm samples since my husband has a failed vasectomy reversal. What changes could we make for a better outcome?

I'm at a loss. I know it's too soon to throw the towel in. The embryologist did say the two embryos were looking good, but it's just devastating to hear.

Thanks for reading this and if you have any advice or tips you could offer at all, I'm all ears...I just don't know how many more times we can try this.

Try to remain positive. All you need is one good embryo! I didn't get any of my own eggs(mind you only one was mature) to fertilize with my Dh's sperm.

Hoping both embryos make it! And that you end up with a successful pregnancy!

All the best and remember it only takes one! :)
I know it is hard to stay positive and IVF is such a worrisome/emotionally draining process. In my last cycle I only had 2 eggs retrieved and 2 were put back in. I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant. You just never know! All you need is one good one. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Best of luck!
Thanks for the words of support.

That will be my mantra for the next little while..."All you need is one good one. All you need is one good one. All you need is one good one." :)
It is true my dear... even when the odds seem against us, one time with one good egg that makes it can make your dreams come true. It's so hard living minute to minute (as we do) wondering IS THIS that time, and living with your heart in your throat, but you have already proven how strong, resilient and willing you are. I know your dreams will come true, and will cross every finger this cycle is it. Try to keep busy and keep positive - easier said than done. My path in terms of egg survival seems similar to yours, and just when I'd given up hope one final egg wouldn't make it to day 3, here I sit 11 weeks pregnant. I truly had given up hope and convinced myself for some unknown reason, this would never happen for me. I'm so glad my babe outlived that energy and proved me wrong. I will be sending you all my best wishes for comfort, quickly moving time and great results - all you need is one good one!! :)
Jul 21 2012 07:30 AM
my successful IVF, I ended with only two that were viable on day 5, after 20 harvested.
Now I have twins! Hope it works for you!

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