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first ivf

Posted by Rula , 04 July 2012 · 1,047 views

am new here and I would like to hear from people like my story , me and my husbend TTC 3 years , we went to royal victoria hospital , my doctor is Demirtas, we went there in 2009 !! and we did all test all are good for me and my husbend , we tried 5 times IUI , 1 IVM but no success , we call for calender appointment on sept 2010 and we have it on 7/7/2011 ! yeah it takes one year for that and we started the cycle 2 weeks ago :) but my schedule was on march but I cancel it because I was pregnant naturlly but I had m/c in week 10 :( , the doctor tolds me its not vail pregnacy there was a sac but no fetal pole or heart beat , so she gaveme medication for m/c its so sad when you dieing for somthimg and you lost it and you don't know why this happen ! , anyway thanks God for everthing , I wonder if someone like me , coz I had egg retrivel last Monday I had 29 egg , 8 were mature only one fertlized(ICSI) ! and for the rest only 3 fertlized (ICSI), so I have 4 I hope they will survive untill tomorrow , I thought before tahts because I have poor egg quality and when I talked to the embrologist about it , she said no I had very good quality but they just not fertlized , thats make me confused coz when I read others results most of there eggs were fertlized , I know at the I need only one , I wish it will work from first time I hate to take all these medcation espically there no problem with my hormons , wish me luck :)

Hello Rula,

I wanted to welcome you and wish you well on this cycle. It certainly feels more comforting to have more embryos, but you made valid point that it really only takes one. I do hope that the one you have is indeed the one.

All the best,

Jul 04 2012 07:40 PM
Welcome to the community Rula. I hope that you find the one that works and you no longer have to pursue fertility treatments.

Good Luck.
Fingers crossed for you!
Best of luck !!
Hey Rula,

Just wanted to tell you, I went to the Royal Victoria, and had pretty much every doctor poke and prod and do transfers for me. like you, DH and I had no issues at all. I went through same tough and painful procedures but at one point I decided I would request Dr. Demirtas to perform all procedures for me. Once she did my transfer I got pregnant. She is wonderful and I'm so grateful for her.
Good luck :)
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thanks all for support , today was good , they told me I have 1 embryo 8 cells and its good for transfer , I hope its gonna work this time , Good luck for all :)
Future Mom to Be
Jul 05 2012 10:21 PM
Sending you postive energy Rula! Believe that it will work!
Welcome to the community Rula

You'll find some great people on this site who offer loads of support, advice and encouragement.

Good Luck!
My doctor is Dr. Demeritas also!!! Small world. I really like her and I feel that I am getting good treatment at the Royal Vic. Good Luck to you!!!!

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