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recurrent ivf miscarriages

Posted by kristine , 22 June 2012 · 915 views

I am 37 and I had started IVF 20 months ago. My husband is 3 years older than I who has been diagnosed with low count and some abnormal sperm. We were having trouble conceiving naturally and so we began the IVF treatments.
I had 4 IVF treatments so far with all being unsuccessful. They all pass the 2 week waiting period after the transfer for the blood test. we go and get ultrasounds and find the heart beat. We then go back and it is usually around 8w or 9w we find that there is no heart beat and I'm off for my D&C.

This journey has been dark and frustrating for me. I'm worried now because I think now that I'm the problem because I can't carry. I know that I can get pregnant, the problem is I can't keep the pregnancy going to a success.

Anyone out there dealing with frustrations like I am and does anyone have any suggestions for me. I'm new to this and I haven't been able to share because no one that I know (family and friends) haven't been through this process that my husband and I are going through.

Have you had recurrent pregnancy loss testing? I am very sorry for your losses.
I heard you!! Kristine,

I am 37 and I had 4 miscarriages all at 5 weeks...I got pregnant and good betas but then.. 10 days later...I start to bleed. The doctor says that I can have a succesful pregnancy and he did all the test and he said there is nothing wrong with me or my husband. Just a PCOS but no bad...so then why I can't carry my baby until ful term? grrrrrr

Im here for you!!
I am sorry for your losses.

This is often indicative of immunological issues. Further testing may shed some light on these factors and priper treatment can be prescribed.

All the best.
Dear Kristine,
I am so sorry about your loss. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have also done three IVF in the last year and all have ended with M/C. So I feel your pain and frustration. I am also hopeless like you and wish for all of this to end soon. In our case I am diagnosed with PCOS (lots of follicles/eggs but all very poor quality) my age also does not help matters (I am 37). With our last M/C we ended up doing a D&C and sent the tissues for genetic testing. We think chromosomal abnormalities are the result of all my M/Cs. In our last M/C we saw the heart beat at 6 weeks but the heartbeat was very weak. We went in for two additional weeks and the heartbeat was still beating but no improvement in the speed. Finally at 8 weeks the heartbeat had stopped and we M/C. My RE believes, if heartbeat is seen but it stops it most likely is chromosomal abnormalities. Two other possibilities could be uterus abnormalities that can be determined with a biopsy and also immunological and or clothing factors. In both cases it usually does not show itself till the 2nd trimester so for our case I truly think it is chromosomal. Plan for now is to wait for the tissue reports and most likely will do another fresh IVF with PGD. We hope by screening the embryos for genetic defects we can prevent the abnormal embryos from implanting.
In any case my advise to you is to find the problem before you move on to another cycle. The chance of having three M/C in a raw is only 1% so our cases are very rare and further testing is needed before you move on. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find the answer to your recurrent M/C. Mean while take your time to heal and hear it from me who just had my third M/C last week that things will get easier by time so just give yourself time…….We are here for you

many many hugs
Kristine - I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I have had 7 transfers with no success. They either dont work or end in a miscarriage. So sad and frustrating !! I was told I could do a biopsy on my lining to see if there was a deficiency or they said I could just skip the biopsy and get treated as if the results came back abnormal. I choose this route as the biopsies for me are so painful. They now have me on Lupron Depot shots followed by Estrace. This is suppose to help if it is a lining issue. All other tests came back normal, so my dr is now trying this new protocol. Please know you are not alone. Its nice to find people who can relate to you on here as nobody else in my life understands the pain.

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