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Fertility treatments for the UNEXPLAINED

Posted by shinyo , 09 April 2012 · 1,243 views

RX unexplained
Have you been diagnosed with UNEXPLAINED infertility?

Many people suffering from infertility reach out to blog sites for support.

Unfortunately infertility is not something that people feel open about sharing and it is most probably because, people who do not suffer from infertility really cannot understand what we are going through.

In my experiences I have seen on the blogs and forums a lot of chat. Positive results (BFP) chat, negative results (BFN) chat, good information sharing and supportive words being offered from people in the unfortunate world of infertility.

The problem that I find with the blogs and forums is that they are not divided up into categories based on diagnoses (RX). It is really important to read about stories from people who suffer from the same problem as you have. The people who have been diagnosed as UNEXPLAINED, fall in a group of about 10-15% of all infertile people. The UNEXPLAINED people do not have any known issues to fight against. For example, a couple who was diagnosed with low sperm count will undergo different preparations before IVF. A couple who was diagnosed with a low egg reserve will undergo different preparations before IVF. These groups of people will have different IVF and FET results than the UNEXPLAINED group.

This is why I wanted to start a blog for the UNEXPLAINED only. I would like to hear about the UNEXPLAINED stories - Good Luck to everyone!!!!

(Please only add to this blog if you have been diagnosed as UNEXPLAINED)

Here is my story:

I’m 35
DH 36
DX: Unexplained, everything appears to be in good working order.
With Repromed for 1.5 years.
1 year with naturopathic Dr too.
2 failed cycle monitoring
2 failed IUIs (1 clinical pregnancy)
1 failed IVF (ended in m/c)
1 FET - beta#2 positive

I was diagnosed with unexplained. I do believe there is an unexpained forum on here, but maybe I'm wrong.
Here is my story:
I'm 37
DH 38
1 year of trying on our own
6 months of clomid Referred to LHSC
1 laproscopy
3 failed IUI's
1 cancelled IVF
IVF #3 BFP Son born 2008
IVF #4 BFP Daughter born 2010
FET #4 Currently in 2ww

All the best to you!
I was placed in the unexplained category but it seems that many people in the category have undergone extensive testing to get there.... what are the basic standard tests that should be performed?

I am 37 and have twins from one ivf, before that we tried naturally and with iui - medicated cycles. I have had hormone bw analysis but just the basics, sono and many US's during monitoring and husband has had bw and sperm analysis ... all within acceptable levels.

I read about endomitriosis and immune type issues all the time... without testing this could be a lot of people we have not been properly evaluated.... I may be one of those people... ???

Also I have a poor response to the drugs - no matter high or low dose... they just can't figure it out.

best of luck
Here's mine:

Me: 24
DH: 31
TTC 3 years
Many tests done including autoimmune testing, hysteroscopy, HSG, endometrial biopsy, etc
IUI #1: March 2010 failed
IUI #2: May 2010 failed
IVF #1 December 2010 BFN
Spontaneous pregnancy January 2011 (chemical)
FET #1: April 2011 BFN
IVF #2- Transfer done yesterday, Currently in the 2ww

Good luck!
Apr 09 2012 02:51 PM
Me: 30
DH: 39
TTC 12 years
I do have tubal factors however even after moving on to ivf we continued to have no luck which has resulted in my diagnosis being unexplained.
I've had all kinds of tests done including autoimmune and so far there is no answer. I did have success ONCE over the last 12 years by adding heparin to my protocol. We thought that was the answer even though my blood tests didnt show why but cycles after that we're not successful so it looks like we just got lucky.
I've had 4 IVF and 12 FET
I'm glad you started this :)

Here is mine:

TTC since 2007
2009 - Lap, and mild endo removal, hormone testing (everything looked good).
Sept 2011 - IUI #1 - BFN
Nov/Dec 2011 - IVF #1 - BFN
Mar/Apr 2012 -FET#1 - awaiting the doomed BFN beta

When I had my 'WTF' apt after the failed IVF and my RE said that everything was great except for the results. My clinic doesn't do extensive testing (immunity/clotting) and I'm curious if I should look for a second opinion. They also don't deal with these issues.
Thanks for your blog - I agree with you.
We are 'unexplained' but didn't do the lap as my RE said it's quite invasive if there's no signs I may have endo. I've done the HSG, lots of blood tests and ultrasounds, and hubby's sperm is apparently fabulous. We've had 3 failed IUIs and are likely starting IVF... later this week!
I don't know if this is appropriate testing, but I'd think so - I'm at ONE - and while the RE gave me the option for the lap, I didn't buy in if I didn't have to. Hmmn...
For us, it was more of me pushing our doctor for further and more extensive testing, I always thought maybe we can get a reason for our IF if we just dig a little deeper. We still havent found anything but I am always doing research and following up on blood test results, etc.
Apr 10 2012 06:35 AM
I was "unexplained" for 7 years with not one ever BFP on any test. Then I had my lap and was PG naturally immediately (2 weeks) after. The lapro surgeon was very very skilled...and said he was removing flat spots that were small but causing some chemical that killed embryos. I say, if you get a lap, make sure you have it done by a fertility expert, not just a regular OB. That was my fix after all those years.
I was unexplained and now have twins from my first IVF. I do have some mild endo that was found and removed during a laprascopy and DH SA wasn't perfect but none of our problems were severe enough to be considered an explanation.

I've heard different theories on "unexplained": immune issues, lining issues, the chemical issue that heres2hoping mentioned that is often linked to endometriosis. My RE thinks that there may be cases of tubal disfunction since everything can look perfect and IVF is a success even though everything else failed.

Here are my stats:
I’m 30
DH 34

DX: Unexplained, mild endo and very minor sperm issues.
HSG perfect, Laprascopy removed endo spots
Tried naturopathic and chinese medicine
3 failed monitored cycles
3 failed IUIs
1 IVF with pretty much perfect results- 10 eggs, 9 fertilized, 2 perfect blasts transfered giving me my twins, 6 more perfect/near perfect blasts frozen

Good luck everyone.
Apr 11 2012 02:02 AM
Also unexplained.

2003 - 2009 ~ 12 months Fermera, 5 cycles Clomid, 9 IUI's, 2 IVF, 2 FET = 1 baby girl in 2009
Natural "oops" 13 months later. Followed by an incompetent cervix and m/c at 20w2d - unexplained and unexpected after having had a previous pregnancy with no cervical issues.

It's been over a year now with no prevention and some effort on timing and no success again.

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