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Posted by leelou86 , 07 April 2012 · 741 views

i'm not infertile, and I can get pregnant not easily but without trying maybe a few months. But with each pregnancy I lost it due to both the doctor and my preeclampsia. the last few days I have had mild cramping and I knew I was ovulating before that so me and my husband where avoiding those days for intercourse...Yesterday and today I wake up to small amounts of blood when i wipe. I'm suspecting the worse that infact I am pregnant again and something that should fill me with joy only fills me with dread. After loosing my twins i faced the fact that it was unwise to get pregnant with my body and now i have to wait to see if I am. I just have to wait the next two months out and I am suppose to start BC when my period comes on. I so badly want to carry to term but this may force me to rethink everything. My period just went off march 21st so yeah i am ****ed and its my own fault i thought we where careful.

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