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Going to Cancun Mexico for Ivf

Posted by leelou86 , 05 April 2012 · 1,088 views

Each day I think about my babies I lost and at 26 how I can loose 3 babies in a matter of two years? We did everything right, waited till we were financialy stable and finally convinced the hubby to have a baby. And we lost our son then our twins. Preeclampsia being the under lying cause. picking up the pieces of my life yet again I go back to the idea of what I had wanted to do in after loosing my son IVF with a surrogate. I am going to Irega and have my surrogate and now I am just trying to synch our cycles. Terror and aprehension follow me we never made it past 7 months so even if she does get pregnant i have months to go before I will feel comfertable. I got a email back today and wit limited money hoping no extra suprises.

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