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Bring it on!

Posted by amski , 26 April 2012 · 614 views

Tomorrow morning I start my injections - I am nervously excited. I have an amazingly supportive husband - my superhero- who is a towering 6'5 and a muscularish 300lbs..He takes down the biggest guy on the Rugby field and stands up to the toughest bad guy at work...but all super-heros have a weakness - mine has two....Cute girls (painfully shy with cute girls...took him 2 years to ask me out...) and needles...He becomes a comic relief when it comes to needles - When I was in pre-op for brain surgery (no-joke had brain surgery) he was with me to support me before they wheeled me into the operating room. As the doctor prepared my arm for my IV my husband hit the floor like a bag of potatoes - he woke up in the hospital bed beside me in pre-op..When I woke in ICU and saw my super hero the first thing I was in my slurring medicated state was ..."hehehe you passed out" the doctor at that point knew that I was going to recover fine from surgery- He does not do needles!

I have everything all set out and am waiting eagerly - I have made all my calls - pharmacy, insurance, my amazing work has allowed me to work from home for the three weeks after my period, we are ready to start!!

During the Easter Weekend we made the very hard choice to put our 4 year old chocolate lab down after a hard fought battle with Cancer - he was a brave puppy and we know that our Gideon Brown is in puppy heaven - it has been a very hard few weeks..After speaking with the breeder we have decided to get another puppy & he is available this weekend!!! It may seem like a fast turn around but we are not replacing our Gideon Brown we are simply bringing home a puppy to love. We are naming this little ball of joy Olive.. It is the perfect time: the joy and excitement of bringing home our puppy is taking our minds off of the stress of our current lives and it is forcing us to slow down and play a little. Also if (fingers crossed) our IVF round is successful I would rather be pregnant with a puppy rather then having a new born and a puppy...or twins and a puppy.....oh my....

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This is so exciting!! You'll be surprised to see how amazing your husband can be - I know mine was! The first day is so scary (it was for me anyway) How did it go?
Wishing you all the very best!! :)

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