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I've accepted he may be my one and only. Turning 30.

Posted by EMJRI , 18 November 2015 · 1,377 views

Today - well tomorrow really... I'm only a few hours off... I turn 30! 
I haven't been on here in months, mainly because (tho cycling has been on my mind daily) we haven't actively been cycling or really trying. Coming back on here I decided to reread my old posts. Reading them made me tear up, the person I was 4 years ago, 3 years ago and eve...


Why do I hate IVF so much.

Posted by EMJRI , 15 November 2012 · 2,509 views

So Today I think I finally have come to terms with my true feelings for IVF. I HATE IVF.. I HATE IVF!!! I know that (hopefully) someday this whole process will be worth this pain BUT for now I HATE IVF. I am not myself anymore, I'm not the same person I was a year ago. I've grown in many ways and I've lost parts of myself I'm n...


Need space.

Posted by EMJRI , 17 March 2012 · 1,368 views

It's been 2 weeks since we found out that I/we miscarried and I think I've finally come out of the shock of it. I am now feeling so over whelmed with the thought of what happened, what now won't be happening in 8 months. I am not sure if I'm blogging in the right place but I've tried to do the blogging on my own site but I have yet to...

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