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Another Kick in the Pants

Posted by Nantol , 07 July 2012 · 1,664 views

Just need to vent.

I had a routine physical last month (bloodwork, pap, etc.). When my GP checked my throat he felt something that prompted him to order a thyroid ultrasound. At the time he said it was nothing to be worried about - it could simply be a cyst and that is fairly common.

When the ultrasound results came back my GP said he was concerned about the thyroid report. It said that there were nodules present and he recommends that I go see a specialist to look into it further. As anyone experienced this? This specialist may or may not recommend a biopsy. I hear these kinds of biopsies are fairly common? I forgot the term but the Dr would inject a needle into my thyroid to extract fluid to be biopsied.

I now have an appt with an endocrinologist for mid September but I'm hoping that I can get in earlier so that I could put that bit of ugliness behind me so I can focus on my upcoming appt with Dr Virro in early September.

I can't seem to get excited about my upcoming fertility appointment with this dark cloud looming over my head. My DH is concerned about me - says he hasn't seen me smile all that much lately - I'm scared sh*tless.

As anyone had this kind of thyroid referral before?

I haven't but my mom developed a significant lump, she had it biopsies and then removed. Turned out to be nothing at all. Apparently the thyroid is easily thrown off kilter, but is easily treated. Hoping for the best.
thanks tjluvbug, that puts my mind at ease. My dr said my thyroid is functioning as it should - but the presence of the nodules can't be ignored. Hopefully I'll get to see the endocrinologist soon.
I haven't dealt with this at all but just wanted to wish you luck. So sorry you're going through all this! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.
Jul 09 2012 09:03 AM
I've heard similar stuff to TJ that the Thyroid is easily set off, but also easily managed. I've also heard that thyroid issues can impact fertility, so I think the timing of this is all is absolutely ideal because by the time you see Dr. V. hopefully you'll have some thyroid info to take along that may be able to positively impact your treatment plan.

Good luck.
Thank you Leigh and DB.

Just taking it one day at a time and as you said DB at least I can go in to my first consult with Dr. V and he'll be aware of the thyroid issue. Better it crops up now then when I'm undergoing fertility treatments.

Thanks again ladies!
Hi Nantol

De Ja Vu.....

Last April i went to see my doctor, can't remember why, i think Sinus or tummy bug. For some reason he checked my throat and saw i had a lump, when he pointed it out, i did notice the lump but prior to that i had not noticed it, after he pointed it out, i could see an obvious lump and don't know how i had not noticed it.

Anyway he sent me to have a biopsy, they stick a needle in and draw fluids. The procedure itself for me was totally unremarkable. Results came back negative. If your question is on the biopsy, i can tell you that its a piece of cake, i can't even remember it

hope this helps
I saw my gp a few weeks ago because I've had a small lump under my chin for a while now. He felt it but couldn't determine what it was so he sent me for an ultrasound. The results revealed that its a lymph node. No treatment required its just close to the surface. So not exactly the same situation as you but I know what its like to worry. Its good to have the follow-up work done and then you can relax knowing that its nothing serious. Hope this helps a little.
Thanks ttc and cheers for sharing your knowledge and experiences. It's always better to go into something knowing what to expect.
Good luck with everything, don't be too worried or get too stressed about it. FYI, Virro is amazing! I'm almost 5 months pregnant becase of him. Your in amazing hands!!!

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