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Weirdest 2ww ever

Posted by tjluvbug , 15 June 2012 · 800 views

Okay, so here I am 4dp6dt of one 4BB blast. This is my second FET and it is the last of our frozen embryos. This has been a completely different cycle from my previous ones. If anyone read my last 2ww blog you'll notice that I spoke of my symptoms, well this time around I haven't had any symptoms. Sure the occasional twinge or cramp but nothing that stands out from my normal every day cycle. I am a little tired and yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open, needing to take a nap during my lunch, but that can be chalked up to the extra progesterone. I'm on 800mg of progesterone daily and 10mg estrace daily. High dosages but it was what the RE felt was best given that I had spotting 2 days before my transfer.

I don't know how I feel about the zero symptoms, at least last cycle when I was feeling something I could think "maybe it's my little ones snuggling in". This time around who knows. DH and I have a plan for if this doesn't work so I feel somewhat at peace I think. I've also been looking into the whole donor embryo program through California as an option but I know that to qualify for their 3 tries guarantee I need to lose about 30lbs. So while I wait for Beta in 9 days I am planning my exercise routine. I am a long distance runner and while I don't have the body to prove it I actually have pretty good cardio so I plan to start running to and from work every day (luckily we have a shower at work). But seens how I am not allowed to run right now I am probably indulging too much in comfort food...oh well.

Anyways, that's all I got for today. Will let you all know if I get my BFP anytime soon.

I used to workout 3 days a week and have been SO sad about not running either! Its all for a good cause though! I am 3dp5dt and go in next Thursday for my first beta, this is my first IVF cycle, so it will definitely be a LONG 6 days!

Good luck and lots of baby dust coming your way!
Jun 15 2012 06:13 PM
Man, I hope this is it for you! Good luck and baby dust all over the place!
Guess I spoke a little soon. Just started having some weird sensationz. Not cramping but almost fluttery like in my tummy. Don't really know how to describe it.

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