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Finally Pregnant BUT....

Posted by tjluvbug , 19 September 2014 · 465 views

Okay it has been more than two years since I last blogged. My last blog entry was regarding our 2nd FET from our 2nd IVF. DH and I recently embarked on our 3rd and last IVF beginning in July 2014. We did an estrace priming cycle that resulted in 8 mature eggs, 6 fertilized and 3 that grew to blast. We transferred 2 4BB blasts that to our shock and amazeme...


Weirdest 2ww ever

Posted by tjluvbug , 15 June 2012 · 826 views

Okay, so here I am 4dp6dt of one 4BB blast. This is my second FET and it is the last of our frozen embryos. This has been a completely different cycle from my previous  ones. If anyone read my last 2ww blog you'll notice that I spoke of my symptoms, well this time around I haven't had any symptoms. Sure the occasional twinge or cramp but nothing t...


How many blasts to transfer for FET?

Posted by tjluvbug , 08 November 2011 · 570 views

So today I had a telephone consult with Dr. H about my FET plans and to discuss what went wrong with this last cycle. I went into the appointment with plans to demand all this testing but in the end no tests for me. Apparently they are not necessary....though I would still feel better to have it done. Dr. H did agree to have me come in to do an endometria...


Not practicing what I preach

Posted by tjluvbug , 25 October 2011 · 410 views

Today is 7dp5dt and my positivity is starting to waver. The first week I was feeling great, I had a level of optimism that could best be described as "I'm on top of the world". Today, not so much. I have no reason for my sudden pessimism other than fear. Fear that this hasn't worked AGAIN. I have resigned myself to not poas until the weeke...


Is today day one or two????

Posted by tjluvbug , 19 October 2011 · 260 views

So day 1dp5dt and I'm doing my best to limit activity. I know bed rest isn't required but that i also shouldn't be running any marathons. I do a little housework and then sit down for a bit to rest, then get up a bit more. I'm feeling a little low on energy today and it's DH's birthday so I'm doing everything I can to muster enough energy to bake him a ca...


Now We Wait

Posted by tjluvbug , 19 October 2011 · 232 views

I had my embryo transfer this morning and it went well, some weird hiccups but nothing catastrophic. I was so elated that my DH was able to accompany me to the clinic because as of yesterday at noon I was having to make the trip alone. By 4 pm he got the call that he could delay his court attendance until Wednesday (lol....that makes it sound like my DH i...


I'm Ready

Posted by tjluvbug , 04 October 2011 · 242 views

So DH and I are now into day 4 of the stimulation phase of our cycle and we are trying to be so optimistic and positive about it. It has been two years since our last cycle and I kept putting it off (all the while blaming circumstance or money) because I wasn't sure if i was ready to go through it again emotionally, especially if it didn't work again. DH...


Our first step

Posted by tjluvbug , 23 August 2011 · 248 views

Well first off I'm new at this, have never even considered blogging before but after reading and learning from so many others I thought that just maybe I might be of some help to others as they have been to me.DH and I started TTC in 2005 but after one year and no progress we decided to take that initial step. I've had a history of reproductive tr...

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