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Can I delay FET by a week?

Posted by wngu , 04 December 2011 · 1,462 views

Hi everyone, I am back again after 6 months and my last M/C after my first IVF. We have waited a long time for this moment and now that we are ready, instead of enjoying the jurney I have a delema to deal with. We are planing on a FET this month. everything is ready to go and I have been waiting for my AF for the past 5 days. It is getting late and I am so worried that the transfer will accure around christmas and unfortunatly I have family coming to town and they are bring there friends with them. I do not want to have my bed rest when they are here and this is giving me a headache thinking I have no other options. As if this process is not hard enough as is and now I have to worry when It will happen. Has anyone done a FET? if you have, do you know if this process can be delayed. If i can delay the ET for a week? if I could delay it by staying on meds it will give me an ease of mind that even if it falls around my families arrial I will not have to worry about it and can do it the following week. any response will give some assurance or we will be thinking of another course of action. thanks again ;)

I don't think you can, of course I could be wrong, but in my experience with both a medicated and unmedicated FET, they are looking to get the embryos back in close to when you would ovulate. Good luck with everything!
I think that you are better off waiting a month. Yes, it's hard to wait but if this cycle doesn't work you are always going to wonder if it was because you didn't rest and/or stretched the dates or whatever.

If, on the other hand, your RE reacts to your question with "Sure no problem we do that all the time" I might revise my advice. I know that there is some playing with dates that many clinics do to avoid working at Christmas themselves
Talk to your RE.
You might be able to play with dates based on your protocol for FET.
I was on estrogen after AF and my RE told me that he can have me on estrogen for some time before starting progesterone, but as soon as I start taking progesterone the ET should happen on the 5th day (we had frozen 5 day blasts).
Good luck!
I don't know if you can delay it by a week, but if you did delay your FET and it didn't work would you wonder if the delay affected the cycle?! If so, maybe consider waiting and doing your FET during your next cycle when the holiday rush is over.

It's probably best to talk to your RE and see what he has to say. All the best with your FET!
Dec 04 2011 05:20 PM
You can, at least I was told I could in the summer. I was going to be camping with my parents and we'd booked the time long in advance... it meant that I would have my transfer a week after I would have been officially ready. I don't remember the details but when I was talking to the nurse, they'd just basically keep you on the Suprefact a bit longer and delay starting the estrogen. The other thing to consider tho is your clinic's Christmas closure and where those dates will fall as far as when they can do a transfer (if your clinic closes over Christmas). All the best!
Our clinic uses Suprefact to delay ovulation. You call in your first AF, then call in your second AF when it arrives. The next day, you start estrogen pills to build the lining while still delaying the ovulation using Suprefact. Once your lining gets close to target, they tell you to start progesterone and then 5 days later is the transfer (they only use 5 day blasts here in Halifax) I know for us, the lining was borderline and they gave us the option to delay by a few days (which we accepted since it also coincided with my birthday). If your clinic does use meds to delay ovulation, you just may be able to change it. Talk to your RE- it can't hurt... and GOOD LUCK!!
Thank you everyone for the comments,
I will call my RE tomorrow to see what he thinks we should do....
if not possible to delay then it is best to do this next month ;(

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