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HPT + first beta, OMG it's finally here!

Posted by codeblue , 27 November 2012 · 738 views

There's finally something growing inside of me!  I had my first, I think it's positive HPT 9dp3dt. Tested again the next morning on 10dp3dt. Little bit of a stronger line, I started believing it was actually happening. That night I had some nausea at bed time. This morning 12dp3dt I got a positive on a ClearBlue Easy digital test with a 1-2 we...


Tomorrow...it's only a day away!

Posted by codeblue , 29 October 2012 · 782 views

Going in for my baseline ultrasound tomorrow morning.  I'm nervous, scared, excited, overwhelmed.  I don't even know how to describe it all.  I wanted to do IVF #2 much sooner, but my body just wouldn't cooperate.  Now that it's here, am I really ready? I want this, I want to be pregnant, I want a baby, but I am so damned scared of the ret...


Pre-IVF #2

Posted by codeblue , 04 October 2012 · 626 views

Everything just seems to be falling into place.  Last time I was so nervous and anxious about the procedure, the unknown, everything.  This time, I know its a lot different because I have done this before and know what I am getting into, but I find I am more excited than nervous. Had my baseline ultrasound and blood work yesterday morning.  Then while tal...


Second time lucky?

Posted by codeblue , 26 September 2012 · 640 views

So, I finally saw my RE today for my post op check.  It was supposed to be on the 20th, but got bumped due to my RE had to do surgery the day it was originally booked for.  So, today my doctor was thrilled to find out I'm doing much better.  She gave us the final say on diagnosis, Stage 2/3 endometriosis with one of my uterine ligments covered in adhe...


My plan, will the doctor agree...

Posted by codeblue , 02 September 2012 · 756 views

Ok, so it's been just a bit over 2 weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling better.  Still having a bit of pain, but just finished AF and for the first time in a long time I wasn't crippled. Yay!!!I don't see the doctor until the 20th to discuss my IVF future but ideally here's what I'm going to/want to do:I'm startin...


Surgery finally...the future

Posted by codeblue , 19 August 2012 · 739 views
New clinic, Laproscopy and 1 more...
Well, I had a second laproscopic procedure preformed by the uber competent Dr. Cockwell of Oakville Fertility just 4 days ago and after almost a full year of pain since my IVF we have answers!  Stage 2 endo with adhesions from my perineum and a root uterine ligament to my left ovary. I know it's not great news to have endo, but it's amazing to...


Surgery? Compassionate Cycle?

Posted by codeblue , 07 December 2011 · 383 views

Its been a very long time since I posted here.  After the failure of my absolutely horrible cycle things just went downhill.  I have yet to return to work, I have pain every day and have spun into depression. After the cycle was over and I knew I was not pregnant anger set in.  We sent a letter to the clinic requesting some kind of compensation for the ut...


Recovering and being PUPO...

Posted by codeblue , 08 September 2011 · 455 views

Its been a week since I posted here.  Been resting a lot.  Not doing much is driving me crazy.  Almost want to go back to work, but know there would be no way I could do my job right now.  So, instead I split my time between my bed and the recliner.  I've had a few little outings, dinner twice and a movie on Tuesday night.  Today was the first day I v...


Update in my ordeal

Posted by codeblue , 02 September 2011 · 490 views

Well, I think we know why I was bleeding so bad at the time of ER.  Yesterday I woke up at about 5am, had to wake DH to help me get out of bed to go to the bathroom.  At this point I was still bleeding pretty good.  Once back to bed, he had to help me again and this time the pain got overwhelming.  It seems going from an upright position to a supine posit...


Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Posted by codeblue , 31 August 2011 · 506 views

So, I knew I wouldn't be sleeping well last night.  I woke up on what seemed like every hour.  Dying to have a drink, feeling so dry.  It felt to warm in the bedroom.  Just one of those nights where nothing feels right to be in bed.  So, finally at 430am I got up and went to watch TV.  At 600am I woke my DH.  Time to get ready for us to go.  Our coord...

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