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Bleeding at 14 weeks...help...

Posted by Iman77 , 05 December 2011 · 1,679 views

After 10 years and three rounds of IVF I finally got my BFP in September. I am 14 weeks along and woke up to bleeding when I went to the bathroom. Terrified I called the obgyn and was told to go to the ER.
I was put on an IV, had a scan and blood work. Scan showed all well with baby but have been diagnosed with placenta previa and put on bed rest for today.
Follow up appointment with Ob scheduled for tomorrow.

Am terrified and scared. If anyone has had this diagnosis I'd be so grateful for any information.

Many thanks,

Iman, I hope that everything will turn out okay. My bff also had placenta previa and it turned out just fine for her. She had to have more than the normal amount of ultrasounds to ensure that all was continuing to go well and she was told of the risk of having to do a c-section but in the end she was able to deliver naturally a healthy baby girl. Her bleeding continued on and off throughout her pregnancy and a lot at birth but no major complications arose. I hope that this is the case for you. Good luck
Sorry to hear of your difficulties.
Best of luck to you and hope that your follow up goes well.

Would share specifics of my experience, but each case is so different it's of limited value - will send positive thoughts instead.

Hi Iman,

try to get plenty of rest. Avoid all physical activities and definalty no heavy lifting. if possible try to take time off from work.

With God's infinate grace, all will go well for you and soon you will be bessed with a baby in your arms.

take care
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Oh darling Iman, you are in my prayers that things settle and return to normal.

Good thoughts going out to you and your little one.

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Hi, sorry to hear you've had this scare. I'm currently 21 weeks and have placenta previa (diagnosed at 16 weeks). I've been on bedrest ever since (at home). Your doctor will likely put you on immediate pelvic rest and I imagine bedrest at least until the bleeding stops. I put myself on home bedrest after my diagnosis to be extra cautious (my OB has since said he would be doing exactly that if he were in my shoes). In addition to pelvic rest they usually don't want you to lift anything. I've thought we should start a thread on this site for ladies with previa because it seems to be more common than I thought. The good news is that studies show that 95% of previas diagnosed early (prior to 20 weeks) move by term, so take it easy and hopefully it will. If they don't move then a c-section is needed. You're very early in the pregnancy though so you have lots of time for movement. I hope you get some good information from your OB tomorrow. All the best with your pregnancy :-)
Thank you all so much, so grateful to you all for your words of reassurance, support and advice. Still very shaken up but taking it easy and resting and hoping my Ob will have more info for us tomorrow.
Plumeria: So appreciate you sharing your story, yes, we should have a thread for it so we can support each other through this, it does appear to be fairly common although the extremity of it can vary.
Again, so grateful to each and everyone of you for your words at this difficult time. Deeply appreciated. xoxo
Dec 05 2011 05:22 PM
I had mentioned it previously. but my bff also had bleeding early on, placenta started to tear from wall.. it healed with strict rest.. now she has a baby boy, 19 months old,, I pray you have the same situation.
Dec 05 2011 05:29 PM
Oh no! Sorry to hear this. Take it easy and I hope this is the last major scare you have.
I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 13 weeks. Doctor says it will probably move up as the pregnancy progresses. He really didn't seem too concerned, and told me that they wouldn't worry about it until the third trimester, if it's still there. I have no restrictions to my activities yet, although I'll see if that changes over the next few weeks. I haven't had any bleeding, though. I hope your OB can give you some reassurance tomorrow, and that you don't have any more scary bleeds.
My sister-in-las was diagnosed and just had a beautiful baby girl on Nov. 15th. All my luck to you!
Take care,\
Hi Iman,

How are you feeling today. Are things looking better.

please ensure to get as much bed rest as you can.

looking forward to getting good news from you.

take care

I had complete placenta previa with my twins, I was admitted to the hospital at 27wks because of all the bleeding, I was never put on bedrest, I had to walk down the hall to the nursing station 2x day (prevent clots ect) and everytime I had a bleed was rushed up to the highrisk delivery for monitoring, then when the bleeding slowed I could return to my normal room in the womens hospital in winnipeg. I lived 2 1/2 hrs from the city that is why I had to be in the hospital, I won't bore you with all the details. If me and dh went to the cafeteria etc he just wheeled me in a wheelchair, I was allowed to leave the ward but couldn't leave the hospital premises. Be prepared to have a few bleeds, they are always scary, I was scheduled for an amnio at 35wks because if the lungs were ready my ob wanted to deliver the boys asap because of all the bleeding episodes I was having, but my water broke at 34+ and we had a c-section and the boys were very healthy for prems, only had to stay in the nicu because the intermediate nursery was full, we then went to the intermediate nursery for about 2wks and came home. Good luck to you, I guess every doctor is different if they do bed rest...I can't imagine being confined to bed, being confined to the hospital was bad enough! wishing you the best, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

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