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Posted by SangrealMazimur , 25 June 2012 · 1,254 views

So I've been away. Kinda been in and out of here. I've needed to step back and take a break.

We have done some traveling, getting ready for some renos...but just lived life for the most part.

I've been having some health issues that started in Feb.

You see I went for a follow-up after our last BFN and I told my Doctor that we were taking a break and I would be working on losing weight. He told me to take a vitamin (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and it would help.
You can buy this stuff on the shelf, so I wasn't too worried.

I started to feel heart palipations and called the clinic. I was told to stop them immediately. Apparently it is a rare side effect.

At the same time I went and got some shots for our trip. I decided to start HBC pills so I wouldn't get my period while away. I had INSANE heart burn. There were nights I seriously sat in the bed and debated going to the hospital. I stopped the HBC pills.

I felt better on our trip. I got home and the heartburn was back and I just felt weird in my chest. I was put on nasonex for allergies. I felt better

Then over the last month I felt like a fluttering in my throat. Kind of like a heart palpitation. I left it go for a week but it wasn't letting up.

My family doc listened to my heart and lungs and said they sounded fine. He sent me for a ECG and a holter test (we recently did bloods, my cholesterol is pretty high but everything else was normal).

The ECG and holter came back normal, no arithmias and beat averaging 67 per minute. So we though perhaps it's acid reflux because of the HB I've been getting. I've now been on a pill for HB for a few days. I don't see that it's making a difference with this fluttering feeling.

I see an ENT in like 3 weeks, and then follow-up again. I wish I could get this figured out now. I've become comfortable with it not being my heart, but I wonder what it can be. It could be an ulcer, could be a hatial hernia, could be a number of things. We don't know.

I've also had a constant ache in my right breast. No lumps that I or DH can feel. I wonder if it is just a result of the fluttering. Who knows.

I don't feel comfortable starting another IVF until this is figured out. I try not to worry and I'm fine typically, until it happens and then I feel all grr. It's completely random, but typically happens in the morning and when I lay down. I've tried cutting out coffee and such and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I went to the chiropractor on Saturday and apparently my neck and upper back were pretty jammed up. He said it could be a result of the acid reflux, or what's causing it. We did an adjustment and I go back for another one on Wednesday. It made me feel better a bit. Less tension in my chest now. The fluttering also seems less intense.

So yeah. Oh...and I've lost 20 pounds...DH thinks this is all a result of the weight loss. That's my update. How are you?

HEYYY!!! you ! I missed you so much! I am so sorry to hear about your health issues, hopefully they will worked out and you will be on your way doing another IVF! and congrats on losing 20 pounds!!! Way to go!
Where did you travel?

It's good to have you back!
Jun 25 2012 08:38 AM
Hey Dixie! Miss you too! We went to the Dominican this time. We were supposed to be going to Italy soon, but we just got our refinancing approved so we're moving into reno mode on the house...I suppose I'll just have to make due.

How are you?
Missed you! Sorry you've had some weird body experiences, but the weight loss is great! Welcome back.
Jun 25 2012 08:52 AM
FEY! How are you? How ar ethe bb's?
Jun 25 2012 09:00 AM
Nice to see you back! So sorry to ready about all the health challenges. I'm glad that it doesn't appear to be any heart issues. I think your chiro may be onto something. Hopefully another adjustment or two will help resolve things. Congrats on the travel and weight loss and upcoming reno's. All sounds very exciting.
Hi! Sorry you have had to deal with all of these health concerns. I hope you guys get it figured out soon!
Good to see you back :)

Good to "see" you. So sorry about the reflux and yucky stuff, but good on ya on losing the 20lbs.


Nice to see you back! I hope that you get your health issues sorted out and get some answers. I'm sure it's worrisome. Congrats on the 20 pound weight loss!

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SangrealMazimur - I truly hope that you are able to find answers and solutions to your health issues. I`ve always loved your beautiful spirit, I`m sending you good thoughts that things are resolved quickly.
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Jun 28 2012 08:30 AM
Aww you guys are awesome! Thanks. I missed this group a lot.
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