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Another Twist, "It's a Sign From God"

Posted by Victoria , 01 February 2017 · 541 views

They find it -- my partner's lab work. It was not put in the database, thus the confusion. Everything comes back normal, and we (Angel and I) are ready to sail into my world of baby dreams. But, based on my journey to ascend to the top of my baby mountain climb, Angel's upcoming cycle will not render a transfer start date.  I did not see this coming.
Another view of Angel's saline sonohysterogram sheds doubt for a viable pregnancy. I can't discuss all the details, but the clinic decides it will not proceed until Angel gets another opinion.
My partner is happy with the news that a baby does not seem possible for us. "See," he says, "It's a sign from God that you shouldn't do it."
"Leave God out of this," I say. "This is nothing new to some women. Every time I checked my uterus there was always something going on in there. Fibroids, polyps, a scar or whatever it wants to entertain. That's why I got a surrogate...."  
"That's why you need to stop."
"I don't want to talk about this now," I said. 
For now, My partner is happy. Another delay.
But he's in for a big surprise because I have surrogate number 2 that I told I would contact in the new year to let her know if I needed her. So, Angel will do another SHG once AF arrives. I hope all will be OK. I hope there are no major issues going on in her uterus. I hope she's healthy for herself and her family.
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Feb 02 2017 10:34 AM

Sorry to hear about your struggles. I hope your dreams become true. our desire to be parents is so strong, it's almost impossible to quiet it and walk away. 


one thing that jumped out for me is how much your husband is not on the same page with you on this. He is even feeling happy about the set backs on the road. IF is hard on marriage, and children is hard on marriage. If you don't even have him as your ally from the start, why go down this road with him?  I think it's important to sort things out with your husband, more so than finding a second surrogate at this point. just my 2c, best wishes to you. 

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Unfortunately, I agree with want2babies.  I really feel for you as you clearly want nothing more than to be a mom and are doing whatever you can to make that dream come true.  But, I would be very hesitant given that hubby is not on the same page at all.  It is not ideal to bring a baby into a home where one parent did not want a child. :(  I really hope that you can sort things out and that one day you will have a baby in your arms.



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want2babies & amp77, I hear you. It's painful process. After reading your responses, I cried. 

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