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One Step Closer

Posted by Victoria , 10 January 2017 · 395 views

Surrogate lab tests

Angel called me Sunday. She tried to utter words but I could barely hear them. Her voices was raspy and her words were inaudible.
"What?" I say. "I can't hear you.
She managed to force out the words, "I'm ready."
"You are coming by? I didn't type the document yet."
"No. I'm ready."
"It's not ready," I say.
"No. It's here."
"Oh. Yes. Ok," I say. "I'll call the clinic tomorrow. Great."
Saturday Angel and I met to discuss the terms of the surrogate contract. I had written the terms down on a piece of paper and told her I would type it out on Sunday and give it to her to think about before we involve the lawyers. I have gotten a lawyer for myself and my lawyer recommended a lawyer for Angel. Angel agreed to all the terms I wrote and said we do not need a lawyer because I can trust her. I told her of the importance of the contract for both of us. I told her I have seen great friendship turned sour after surrogacy was involved.
I sent a message to the clinic that Angel's period had started. The response was that the clinic could not proceed until it got my partner's lab work.
The experience to get his lab work done was weird, but it's done.  
I am now not  disappointed the transfer was delayed because Angel is now sick with a terrible flu. So we are one step closer to a transfer in terms of getting my partner to cooperate, but another month delayed.
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OMG do NOT proceed with a surrogate that won't sign a legal contract. The heartache for your potential child and family. Once that's all nailed down - or if it is forgive me - best of luck to you!!!

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If you are from Ontario you def need a lawyer given the recent legal changes.
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s00n, thanks for commenting and I will not proceed without a contract.


SecondAct, I'm in the US.

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