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Hurdle No More

Posted by Victoria , 13 December 2016 · 363 views

IVF Journey

Posted ImagePosted ImagePhew! My partner makes me scared because he's transformed into a ready-to-be father. Is this for real? Someone must have prayed a good prayer. It wasn't me. I was too sad. I couldn't pray.
He is no more reluctant about our future child. He asks about "next steps". Before, I had to initiate "baby conversations."
His interest in our goal makes me happy. I know what happiness about this journey feels like again. There are so many things to make us sad, and one of those sad triggers should not be things we can control.
He asks what we need to do. He asks about Angel. He asks about compensation for her expenses. And, though I've been advised to get health care after pregnancy is confirmed, he has initiated health coverage for Angel.
He asks what if... What if this does not work, if we would do it again... And I say yes. We will do it again with donor eggs and a surrogate because so much in the IVF world has changed since the last IVF cycle 5 years ago.
So we book Angel's appointment and Angel agrees to meet to drive to the clinic, but when I go to the truck I see what I do not expect to see. I should have cautioned Angel.... More on this topic in my next blog.
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