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I Didn't Plan to Blog about Counselling Sessions

Posted by Victoria , 28 November 2016 · 342 views


We are seeing a counselor. I listen to my partner's fears and concerns and he listens to my anticipated joy of having a child. He talks about the business, more travelling and more alone-time with me. I talk about growing my role in the business, travelling with the baby, and more time with the future extended family.
We have different goals and different passions, but each counselling session brings us closer to my baby goal. The counselor says I must give him time, but we are also realistic that we do not have a lot of time due to our ages. 
My partner and my counselor want me to say why I want this baby. I tell both that my desire is primal and there is no explanation for it. While some women may not have that primal desire, or while some have given up because of various reasons, my primal desire seems endless and I owe no one any kind of explanation.
Anyway, I thought I'd be blogging about Angel and the baby inside of her instead of counselling sessions with my partner. Posted ImagePosted Image  

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