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Posted by Victoria , 13 November 2016 · 418 views

Everything seemed to be going well. Angel had just completed her blood/lab work, and was in the process of getting her sonohysterogram. We were both excited. And for a person I had known only four months, we had forged a beautiful friendship and work relationship. We called each other each night and we joked about the surrogate journey we were on.
The last time I attempted IVF was five years ago. I waited until my partner and I we were in a better financial position to embark on the journey again. We decided to wait until September 2016 to do a FET cycle with a surrogate.
Then, all of a sudden, among other things, my partner said we should wait until next year. His words did not make sense. Why wait longer? We were already "up there" in age.
I decided to get counseling. There, in a stranger's presence, my partner confessed that with the passing of time, he had changed his position. Tears revealed my feelings and silence dictated our journey home.


I am so sorry Victoria. 

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