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Posted by hoping_praying86 , 02 July 2015 · 1,549 views

It is now 2dp5dt but it sure feels a lot longer than that. Trying to keep myself busy. Which is not all that difficult with my kids out on summer break this time.

Although the day just started, I feel OK. I have some minor cramping and nausea (which I'm sure is unrelated). Sometimes I wish I would have wrote down my symptoms I had prior to transfer. Its not hard to take every symptom you have now and turn it into something pregnancy related. Oh well, it's something to hang onto the next two weeks.

I went grocery shopping last night and bought a couple FRER tests. I mean honestly, who can wait 2 weeks? So since I was able to get a positive at 5dp5dt with my last FET, I figure I'll do the same this time around too. Maybe wait till 6dp. So, Sunday or Monday it is. My husband thinks it's a bad idea. He thinks I'm stressing myself out. I just don't think men get it.

I totally get it. I bought a box of 40 internet cheapies and started testing everyday past trigger. I don't know if it was more anxiety producing or less, but watching my tests fade out and then fade back in again was pretty darn cool. Best of luck to you.

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