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Told our daughter about IVF

Posted by Rick , 03 June 2012 · 1,433 views

We've been thinking about telling our daughter about IVF. To date I've felt it has been too complex to describe and for her to gain any real grasp of what infertility is and how IVF can help (how she came into the world). 6 days short of her 11th birthday I felt today was the day. I used the OnInfertileGround movie trailer to help explain how she came into the world, and why. It was a valuable tool for us to review and discuss.

So to me the documentary is already an important educational piece.

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Hi Rick,

I've been thinking a lot about how my DH and I would handle this when/if the time comes. May I ask how she responded/reacted? I think you chose a wonderful way.
She didn't show much emotion either way. Curious until her show on family.ca started ;). I'm sure it doesn't make too much sense at this point. Time will tell how she reacts.
Thanks for sharing this blog post Rick. I have often wondered what that conversation will be like. I think introducing the topic with the movie trailer was a great idea! :)
Jun 04 2012 12:00 AM
Keep us posted Rick. It's always interesting how families handle the same things differently. I just made my daughter a baby book and included her very first photo as an 8 cell 3 day old embryo, as well as our collection of ultrasound photos. I figure she'll know right from an early age but we'll just add more detail as she is able to understand, so there won't be one big day to break the news.
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Thanks for sharing. I hope that once she has time to process it she will see how much she was wanted! I always say if there is one thing an ART child can never dispute is that their parents really wanted them <3
I know that we will someday share the news with our little one but the question I guess is when. When we went to Mexico for LIT treatment, I took lots of pictures and it's my intention to someday share those with our little one so that she'll know how much she was wanted.
Wow...I can't believe she's 11....how the heck did that happen???? That sounds like a great age to talk about everything
Sounds like a great plan!!!!:) Just watching the Doc now...
Thanks for sharing Rick! DH & I want to tell our DD one day but am not sure when is a good time either; I was leaning towards the age of 12. The video is a great idea (I was balling when I saw the trailer) to show her how much she means to us and our struggles to get to where we are today. We want to be able to tell her our story and not let her find out on her own. Please keep us updated with how your DD processes it and how she is handling it.
Jun 12 2012 11:48 AM
Good for you Rick for taking the first steps. She may not understand it much now but each time you talk to her about it, she'll understand more and the more she hears, I think the more normal it will seem. :)

This is her story, she should rejoice in it and she will because I know you will give her the tools to do that.


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