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January 2012 - IVF.ca 10th Anniversary

Posted by Rick , 26 December 2011 · 901 views

Shortly after my 40th birthday I registered the domain IVF.ca. It's hard to believe an entire decade has now passed.

This little corner of the on-line world has helped educate me on many fronts. Up until I started this site I had only been a surfing member of the internet, for the most part, and only for a few short years. It has been a time-consuming self-training technical venture, both rewarding and frustrating. And I still can't type. Plus, sometimes I don't realize how much I know about this reproductive world until I have an in-person discussion with anyone who has never been exposed to infertility. I owe a lot to everyone who has crossed my path on this site.

I have also been exposed to nearly every situation one can imagine in this on-line infertility world. I've seen tremendous joy turn to tragedy and loss, and hopelessness turn to dreams coming true. I've witnessed the most determined group of people I will ever know.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the birth of IVF.ca I'd like to reflect on some of who and what over the years has helped make this community what it is. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just some of who have helped inspire me along the way.

Our very first members

Heidil and Sam. They helped set the tone for the community when we started the now defunct old board.

Other integral early community supporters


Top 5 Posters of all-time

One doesn't become a top-5 poster without being a huge support for others. Some went through mutliple failed cycles before finding their own success.


Top 5 Bloggers all-time

From inspiration to comic relief, our top 5 bloggers have given us all a lot to think and talk about.


Referring Clinics

The following Canadian clinics recognize the value of steering patients to online peer support. Thank you for telling your patients about IVF.ca:

Regional Fertility (Foothills)
Mt Sinai

Markham was the first clinic to promote our community.

Moderators and Admins

Thank you to those who have past and present lent their time to help the community. And welcome to our newest awesome team member Laura1976!

Baby2be (ret-admin)
ceska_holkacz (ret-admin)
jaan (ret-admin)
babatime (active moderator)
Tigerlady (active moderator)
Hopeful123 (active moderator)
Laura1976 (active moderator)
moolani (ret-mod)
Yanie (ret-mod)
Marina67 (ret-mod)
Wishing (ret-mod)
Natt (ret-mod)
Jillie (ret-mod)
~Meghan~ (ret-mod)


EMD Serono - Unrestricted educational grant.

Expert Panel

Dr Hollands (ret- Markham)
Dr Hannam (Hannam Fertility)
Dr Greenblatt (Mt Sinai)
Dr Ma (UBC)
Dr Liu (Mt Sinai)
Dr Brown (Acubalance)
Dr McCulloch (WhiteLotus)
Dr Said (Repromed)
Dr Hudson (VFC)
Sherry Levitan
Elana Sures

Forums Rules-Terms of Service Development (legal)


Most active financial advocate

IVFAngel (Alberta campaign 2004-2006)

Pregnancy Loss advocate


Made me laugh the most

Good Fortune, hopeful_flyer, JRHansen, kerrilyn, Peter

Most amazing/inspirational Infertility Journeys

Baby2be - Went from hopelessness (while always supporting everyone) to 2 amazing kids
Designerbug - Tireless blogging and always thought provoking
IVFAngel - Fought hard for government funding (got 2,000+ on-line sig petition through IVF.ca), then was gifted with an amazing private adoption, then won a lottery
moolani - Multiple failed cycles, incredible International adoption story followed by a surprise natural

Thanks to everyone who has been a member of IVF.ca. Happy new year to everyone and wishing you all happiness in 2012.

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What an amazing journey! Thank you Rick, and all who make this community the special place that it is both past and present.

This place is my safe harbour.

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Dec 26 2011 10:29 AM
Thank You Rick. I am forever grateful for this corner of the internet and all it has given me in return. Thanks for making it possible.
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Dec 26 2011 10:34 AM
Wow, so cool -it's like the Academy Awards of IVF.ca!
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Thanks, Rick!
All the best to you in 2012 .

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Thanks Rick! You will never know how much what you and your team have done for myself and other members on IVF.ca. I can't even begin to imagine where I would be emotionally or treatment wise if I had not found IVF.ca and all of the supportive members here. I have made so many friendships (on-line and IRL) that I hope to nurture and grow for the rest of my life. I can honestly say that thanks to your vision I am not alone.

I think in honour of the 10th year of IVF.ca we should think of awards that the member can vote on? You seem to have hit the nail on the head already with some of your recognition points. I think it would be awesome to annual recognize the people on here who have gone over and beyond :-D oooooh I am excited just thinking of it! What a great way to ring in IVF.ca's 10th year!
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Congratulations Rick! Thank you so much for your site. I too can't begin to tell you what a support and lifeline it has been to me. It has helped me grow and learn so much about fertility, more than I ever thought I would know. I am grateful for all the friends I have made along the way.
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Thank you Rick for providing this amazing place for us all to meet on-line!

I often think of Hopeful_flyer. I was relatively new here towards the end of her time with ivf.ca, but she was a cool chick.
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Dec 27 2011 08:48 AM
Rick, you have done an AMAZING job with this site. The one time I was worried I couldn't capture the memories from my 1st cycle in 2008, and you made it so I could search clear back and save those precious memories! AND, you somehow did that in 1 day! You are quick, efficient and obviously very caring AND smart.
Thanks for creating this site...it has helped me SO very much....
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Dec 27 2011 09:47 AM
If these are the Academy Awards, Rick gets the Lifetime Achievement Award! Thank you Rick for creating and maintaining this place for us, I wouldn't be where I am without you :)
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IVF.ca got me through the most overwhelming and isolating years of my life. The support and information available on this site are incredible. Rick, thank you for all that you have done to create this unique community!
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Thanks to you Rick for having the vision to create such a wonderful place in IVF.ca. The support and friendships (some carried over into RL) have been invaluable to me and so many others.

I enjoyed reading your summary list, so many interesting people have crossed paths on this site.

Here's to many more great years of IVF.ca! :drinks:
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Thanks for creating this place where even those trying to make a baby in the U.S. can feel welcome.

It's great how the site can grow and change - adapt as needed.

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Rick, thanks for everything that you have done for this site! It's truly an amazing community. I have learned so much from reading everyone's stories and often reading others' posts helped me to make decisions about my own treatment. And, it is a wonderful place of support! :)
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Thanks Rick...it's nice to see some names from the past...and that I'm friends with a few of them still...brings back alot of memories...I think I liked being the blinky fairy, it was fun to see how people would react when a surprise would end up in their siggy, for the most part I spent alot of time welcoming newbies and creating games while I was waiting. I can't believe how much time has gone by...how much things have changed....and stayed the same..... it's been a home base for me and always will be, thanks again...and here's to another 10yrs :)
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Thank you for all the kind comments everyone.

Jaan, thanks for reminding me about the blinkie fairy. That was a lot of fun. Everyone got a kick out of getting a surprise blinkie.
Dec 28 2011 12:46 PM
I actually got kind of choked up reading your post, and all the comments that followed. Rick...thank you. For your vision, your understanding and your support. It started with you...and branched out into a community of love that I know personally, I could not live without. This last year has been especially trying for my husband and I...but through it all the members of this community were there to support us, help us, guide us...

From the bottom of our hearts...thank you. And thank you IVF.ca.

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I am not much here anymore, so I just saw this entry. I want to say thank you Rick and to everyone that supported me. IVF.ca and the people here saved me from going insane during my cycling. I loved the time I spent on IVF.ca and love that I've made some amazing friends here. IVF.ca is the most amazing online support group out there.

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